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Alexander Technique ‘tried and tested’ in Business Traveler

BT writer Julian Gregory gives a thumbs up to the Technique after having lessons with Noel Kingsley, a teacher in London.

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Dr. Fishman cites the AT, again.

This time in the Huffington Post, while looking at the rising cost of healthcare.

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Study on the Diaphragm and Low Back Pain

I found this study to be an interesting look at what could be part of the reason why the Alexander Technique and the Art of Breathing work has such a impact for so many with low back issues!

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It’s International Alexander Awareness Week! Share this video with your friends and spread the word!

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New Study on Alexander Technique and Chronic Pain

As published in the, UK

20 September, 2012 | By The Press Association

A study was carried out for 11 months, exploring an Alexander Technique teaching service that was time-limited.

Those who suffer with chronic pain may find some relief through learning the Alexander Technique in NHS outpatient clinics, research found. Continue reading

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Amira interviewed about the Alexander Technique for Performing Artists

Amira was interviewed by Robert Rickover for BodyLearning Podcasts about her work as an Alexander teacher with performing artists and how she sees the Technique enhancing their work. Continue reading

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The Alexander Technique and Art of Breathing for Air Hunger

Simon Spire is a singer/songwriter has been a student of the Alexander Technique since 2007. He shares his journey out of “Air Hunger” in this essay:
Continue reading

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Nikolaas Tinbergen on the Alexander Technique

Nikolaas Tinbergen (1907-1988) won the Nobel Prize in physiology/medicine in 1973, and he devoted a portion of his acceptance speech to the Alexander Technique.
Continue reading

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Alexander Technique as an “iStrain Solution”

In their March 7th article the London Evening Standard listed the Alexander Technique as an “iStrain Solution” for RSIs (repetitive strain injuries) that so many of us our encountering the more and more time we spend on our mobile devices and computers: iPad hand: the new RSIs Continue reading

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An Alexander & Yoga teacher responds to NY Times Article “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body.”

On January 5th the New York Times Magazine published a provocative article called “How Yoga can Wreck Your Body” by William J.Broad. Over my years of teaching many of my students (some of them Yoga teachers) have asked me what I think about Yoga, and I always respond with a common AT motto “It’s not what you do, but how you do it.” Continue reading

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