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Study on the Diaphragm and Low Back Pain

I found this study to be an interesting look at what could be part of the reason why the Alexander Technique and the Art of Breathing work has such a impact for so many with low back issues!

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Amira interviewed about the Alexander Technique for Performing Artists

Amira was interviewed by Robert Rickover for BodyLearning Podcasts about her work as an Alexander teacher with performing artists and how she sees the Technique enhancing their work. Continue reading

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The Alexander Technique and Art of Breathing for Air Hunger

Simon Spire is a singer/songwriter has been a student of the Alexander Technique since 2007. He shares his journey out of “Air Hunger” in this essay:
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Amira interviewed for ‘Backstage’

Amira was interviewed by Lisa Jo Sagolla for the national edition of Backstage for the article, “Keeping Up With Alexander” Continue reading

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