I had a session with Amira a couple of weeks ago. She held me safely with her compassionate and accepting attention. While her confident and knowledgeable expertise was administered smoothly and precisely. All of which aided my ability to relax, be comfortable and open. I highly recommend having a professional Amira experience.

Karli, Carrboro, NC
Amira is wonderful! Her workshop at honeysuckle tea house was great!  I like her enthusiasm, acceptance, and clarity in describing things.
Lisa, Clinical Psychologist
Chapel Hill, NC

Amira is the only teacher I’ve ever had who remembers my habits and challenges, even when I haven’t seen her for a while, and creates a personalized arsenal to make things better. She saw me through the different physical challenges of a stressful teaching job, a stressful desk job, pregnancy and early parenthood. I still use the techniques she taught me. Can’t recommend her highly enough!

Amanda, Grant Writer and Mommy!
Queens, NY
(Client of 5 years)

I loved your classes!

Cynthia, Actor

Your support of my well being, while I was recovering from cancer, meant a great deal to me. Each week you were helping me through that very difficult time, supporting me, as I was finding my way. Generous in every way, your gentle knowledgeable manner and ever-present kindness created a unique space. Within that space we each were able to be utterly ourselves, but more at ease, and, ultimately, with greater access to our own quiet magnificence. I will not forget.

Mary, Psychologist

Amira has been really helpful in helping me understand the way my body moves. There’s always something new to work on, given the extent to which most of us have tension in our bodies. I have learned a lot of practical things to help me release tension that I find myself thinking about regularly. I would highly recommend Amira to anyone who’s interested in Alexander Technique or their own body habits more generally.

Robert, Grad Student
Brooklyn, NY

I have had a few lessons now and I really like Amira. I am still new to Alexander technique but Amira gave me a really good introduction. Even although it will take me a while to understand what effortless movement means and how that ever can become natural I know I am in really good hands. It feels very natural to work with Amira and I trust her. I can’t wait to change my hard working life into an efficient one!

Annette, Professional Violinist
New York & Germany

I have been studying with Amira for a little over a year now and in that time I have learned how to use my body more efficiently and to let go of stress, much of which is unconscious. Amira’s passion and enthusiasm for the Alexander Technique are infectious. She is engaging, informative, and very helpful. I would recommend Amira without hesitation to anyone interested in learning more about the AT and how to stay relaxed in day-to-day life

Jill, fitness buff
Astoria, NY
(Client of 7 years)

I also enjoyed the fact that you were very open to all questions (some instructors make you feel uncomfortable to ask “stupid” questions) and explained over and over again that there is no “right or wrong” method.

Zarna, Executive Assistant
New York, NY

I’ve been amazed by the ease and enjoyment studying the Alexander Technique has brought to my performance on stage, I’m remembering what drew me to perform in the first place, and I’ve learned how to get out of my own way.

Evan, Dancer
New York, NY