Discover the Alexander Technique.

Re-Discover your natural ease.

The Alexander Technique is a practical method for developing more efficient, integrated movement and increased well-being. This is obtained through a process of identifying harmful habits that cause strain and interference, and learning to undo them. Within this more easeful and conscious condition we find our daily functioning, support and coordination improved, our sensations refined and livelier, and our sense of time and space expanded.

Amira Glaser began studying the Alexander Technique in 1995 as an undergraduate and was later certified to teach by the American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT), after completing over 1600 hours of training. ACAT is the the oldest training program in the United States and meets AmSAT standards - the most rigorous in the country for Alexander training. She is also certified in the Art of Breathing, which focuses on restoring our natural breathing coordination through the Alexander Technique. She teaches individual lessons and group classes in Union Square, Manhattan and Park Slope, Brooklyn.